Warehouse Manager

  • Job Tracking ID: 512242-853544
  • Job Location: Phoenix, AZ
  • Job Level: Mid Career (2+ years)
  • Level of Education: BA/BS
  • Job Type: Full-Time/Regular
  • Date Updated: April 28, 2023
  • Years of Experience: 2 - 5 Years
  • Starting Date: May 19, 2020

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Job Description:

Title: Warehouse Manager
Reporting To: Program Manager- Material Services
FLSA Classification: Exempt
Employment Type: Full-Time

General Position Summary
Oversee all functions necessary to ensure a smooth running, efficient, safe and service-oriented
warehouse and distribution center. Maintain inventory integrity and assist in ensuring proper
valuation of inventory. Provide overall management and direction to warehouse associates and

Position Specific Competencies

Monitor warehouse and distribution expenses against budget

Coach and develop warehouse team to provide value to the organization in achieving its goals

Remain aware of delivery schedule and drivers routes, maintaining efficiencies

Accurately and fairly evaluate team performance and create and maintain a results driven workforce

Ensure the accuracy of inventory counts and valuation. Manage the inventory observation with auditors at the end of the year

Ensure proper state licensing of vehicles

Effectively maintain the PWNA facility and vehicles with a focus on preventative repairs

Maintain high quality and customer-oriented packaging of products

Keep production of warehouse team within expected levels while monitoring the efficiency of distribution practices

Report any issues, concerns and successes promptly to management

Maintain a safe and efficient work environment consistent with all federal and state laws as well as OSHA and DOT regulations

Assist in receiving, order pulling and deliveries as required

Provide ongoing training to current team members to ensure skills and knowledge remain up to date

Travel to program sites to assist with distributions

Other duties as required.


Core Competencies

Develops the steps necessary to accomplish long-term goals. Identifies long and short-term goals and establishes realistic plans to reach them. Allocates required resources, allows for contingencies and ensures that plans fit with the larger needs of the organization. Sets milestones to measure progress along the way. This is distinctly different from individuals who ignore long-term or short-term goals, fail to link their goals to broader initiatives, have not set realistic plans that allow for contingencies, and/or ignore the importance of milestones that could enhance
motivation in the pursuit of long-term plans.

Managing Multiple Priorities
Handles multiple assignments and priorities yet still fulfills all commitments. Readily accepts new responsibilities and adapts well to changes in procedures. Gives appropriate priorities to various work demands. This is quite different from those who struggle to stay focused when faced with multiple priorities; focus only on one or two job priorities while neglecting others; and/or hesitate, complain or refuse to accept new procedures or assignments.

Managing Employee Performance
Takes action to ensure that employees fully understand their roles, responsibilities and performance standards/expectations and provides ongoing feedback and support as employees strive to achieve expectations. Engages in two-way conversations throughout the year that ensure an up-to-date understanding of expectations, performance gaps and actions required to close any gaps. This is quite different from failing to adequately communicate expectations, being unaware of (or choosing to ignore) performance gaps, providing little or no support in overcoming barriers and failing to provide regular, ongoing feedback to employees.

Motivating Team
Takes action that results in a high level of morale and motivation among team members. Assesses and communicates progress on work goals and objectives as well as the level of morale on the team. Raises the motivation level of the team and heads off issues that might lower morale if they were not handled in a timely and effective manner. This is quite different from those leaders who pay little attention to team morale and fail to take steps that would positively affect motivation levels.

Strategic Thinking
Can analyze organizational strengths and weaknesses and then combine these with knowledge of the industry, market and organization to develop long-term strategy. This is distinctly different from being unaware of organizational strengths and weaknesses and/or are being unable to combine a knowledge of the industry, market and organization in a fashion that results in a viable long-term strategy.


Experience and Skills:

  • Knowledge and experience with effective inventory management
  • Knowledge and experience of regulations governing the warehouse and distribution industry
  • Average skills in Microsoft Office
  • Effective personnel manager

Personnel Management
Knowledge of State and Federal Driving Regulations/Standards
General Maintenance (Building and Vehicle)
Fiduciary Responsibilities
Warehouse Operations

Organizational Responsibilities
Class B license or better
Knowledge of Human Resource Practices
Computer Literate in Word/Excel and Windows 10

Work Conditions
Work is primarily indoors in warehouse environment and operates warehouse equipment. Typical office environment

Education Requirements

  • High School Diploma
  • College Degree preferred

Experience Requirements

  • 5 Years of Related Experience
  • 3+ years of experience in a supervisory capacity